Upon watching an incredible interview of Seth Godin by Marie Forleo*, then watching Seth Godin’s TED Talk, I was moved and inspired to [finally] take action on creating this space for a community and a movement to begin. I have also been inspired by a good friend, Nadia Charles, who started a blog of her own called “The Wandering Lesbian“. I’ve been seeing the trend on my journey of something that I’ve been wanting to do, meaning to do, and putting off, as I often do with things I *should* do. But I am fully aware that the only way I’ll actually get where I want to go is to TAKE ACTION. I’m great at thinking and discussing and learning and philosophizing while never actually DOING the thing I’ve spent SO MUCH TIME on.

So it’s time. I’m doing it. I’m starting a movement. I’m creating a community of space for others like myself who want to connect, to love and grow with others on a similar path, a path which feels very unique and sometimes lonely. I finally realized in a great conversation on the shores of Lake Michigan with my dear friend Joy that it doesn’t have to be lonely. I’m not the only lesbian out there who aspires to travel the globe and share great conversations with others, building relationships and having an amazing time, all while supporting oneself. So come, join in. This is an inclusive space. You don’t have to be a “lesbian nomad” to join in the conversation or the fun. Friends, allies and supporters are welcome to!! Let this be a space where you can be inspired to follow YOUR path and YOUR journey, as unique and unusual and brilliant as you are. Freedom and adventure, whatever they mean for you, are here in abundance. Take hold and run with them!!

I’m so excited to be sharing what I’m learning and growing in each day with you — and I can’t wait to hear back from you on what you’re learning and creating and doing and being as well! So please share any insights below!!


Marie Forleo interviews Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s TED Talk

Nadia’s ‘Wandering Lesbian’ Blog

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