Today, after my first 24 hours in California, it became very clear to me that I truly am a vagabond. I have no place to call home. Do I have kind friends with couches? Sure. Do I have access to, and to find people with couches, rooms, and places to sleep? Absolutely. The fundamental difference is none of them are “my place”.

At first consideration, I was struck with a level of shock, even fear. Oh. My. God. I don’t have a home. I don’t have a job. What the hell was I thinking? What am I doing?!?┬áThen I remember, as if waking from an amnesiac’s coma: I’m ridiculously wealthy. I’m surrounded by abundance. I’m totally free and have more than I could want or need. The whole world is open in front of me. I’m tremendously loved and adored.

So if both of those contrasts are true, then what am I learning from this space I currently occupy? Where I can feel both wealthy and jobless, both totally cared for and homeless? What I realized is that when I have had a home, a safe haven, a place to call my own, I would use it to run away to. I could hide out there when I felt overwhelmed by what was in front of me. I would close out the rest of the world and watch an episode (or three) of Star Trek: The Next Generation (yes I am a nerd). I could be in my haven and pretend I was free from obligation or expectation. My safe haven had become a place to hide. It was no longer serving my greater purpose, which is to change the world for the better. It instead became an excuse to give up.

So now I have no haven, no place to give up, no place to hide away. Now is my time to shine, to live, to grow, and to love. And here I go!


Jessa Green

What new ways are opening up for you to take a step in a new, bigger direction that fulfills on your real, authentic self?

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