Each of us has a powerful and beautiful calling on our life, a purpose and a legend to fulfill on. And every day in every moment, the Universe gives us the opportunity to step closer into that space, into that thing you most desire and become more of your true self. Every moment is an opportunity to make a difference, to make a change. In every moment you have a choice of what’s next. And every powerful choice you make can impact the world around you in amazing ways. Each choice can make all the difference or can make no difference at all.

Some of those opportunities are very subtle: a kind word reminding you of your greatness, an opportunity to give or share… and some of those opportunities are a massive blow to your whole life. Much of my life I’ve heard little whispers of my greatness and had opportunities to step into it, yet I chose not to. I chose to play a safer game, a game that ensured my security (and my boredom). Then this summer, I got one of those massive blows to my life. My father was tragically shot and killed and my life was shaken to the core, completely flipped upside down.

In the days following his death, I spent a lot of time reflecting on his life. He was less than a year from retirement and he had talked almost nonstop of all the things he was looking forward to. He was going to travel, to relax, to do all the things he wanted to do in his new freedom. And all those things were now lost forever. They were his “someday dreams” and someday was now gone.

I began to ask myself what were my “someday dreams”? What do I care most about? What excites me most to think about and dream of? And I realized I was putting off all the things I most wanted for “someday when” – when I had enough money, when I found my soulmate, when I knew enough about “how to”… I might as well have been waiting for the stars and planets to align in some grand constellation… a grand constellation that might never come.

Then it hit me. NOW is all I have. Now is all there ever is, because as soon as tomorrow gets here, it’s not tomorrow anymore, it’s NOW. So what am I doing NOW in this moment to align with the me deep down inside my heart, with my passions and my vision? The me that wants to make the world a beautiful and better place? The me that wants to travel and love and change peoples’ lives?

It was this NOW that lead me to sell all my things. It was this NOW that spurred me onto the road to California. And it is this NOW that inspires me every day to keep taking each step closer to my heart in each tiny and great opportunity that presents itself.

Jessa Green

Your turn: What is the NOW that is calling to you? If you had a billion dollars, an entire lifetime available to use and you knew that everyone you loved would be totally supportive of whatever you chose, what would you do? What would bring you the most laughter, joy and freedom to do? And what step will you take right now today toward that life?

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